CNC Machining & Fabrication

CNC Machining Parts & Products

We have different divisions and business units in our company. One of them is to produce CNC fabrication parts & products for automotive, electrical material, defence, aerospace, agricultural machineries industries. In our CNC machining and metal parts manufacturing division we produce design and implement of various tools and techniques, encompassing the vast capabilities of the sinterized method (better known as P/M) of producing parts and articles. 

Our products have a vast number of applications in many different industries. 

Our product range includes:  

• Porous sintered bearing details for the needs of car manufacture, ex.  filtres. 

• Thick construction iron details such as inserts, rolls, cog wheels, cog pairs for pumps, nuts, discs, flanges, friction drives, bushings and filtering elements; 

• Sintered details with a high level of complexity of their configuration and precise technical requirements, usually a part of oil pumps and hydroelectricity. 

• Magnetic soft details with specific magnetic characteristics used in dynamos, alarm systems and electromagnets. 

• Details made largely of non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, bronze and aluminum), used in electrical industry for high-voltage, switches, transformers, electrometers etc. 

• Gears, double gears for pumps, discs, shock-absorbers, belts, etc. 

• Articles for magnetic cores for electromotors, magnetic hearts, circuit closers etc. 

• Parts for lock systems produced from different material. 

For our production we use high quality metal powders (iron, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum) from Germany, Sweden, and France.

Our high skilled team are able to produce any kind of metal parts that can be produced in 3-axle CNC vertical processing machine. 

We also have CNC controlled turning mills to produce turn parts like flanges & fasteners.

We produce some tools and other related products for our company but also work as sub-contractor and supplier for many factories for domestic and foreign companies.

Some pictures can be found below,

Please do not hesistate to contact us when you need any of above flanges or related products.

We will be glad to be your supplier and have a great collaboration with your company.