Industrial clamps

Industrial Clamps

One of our products is industrial clamps for pipe lines.

Industrial pipe clamps are widely used for supporting suspended pipes. They are also used to work as clamped pipe shoes. 

In almost every industry, components need to be clamped, held, drawn or balanced during the manufacturing process. This is precisely where our springs come into play. As a manufacturer of metal machining company, we offer all types of industrial clamps. Our core strength is the ability to respond individually and flexibly to customers' specific requirements. Hand samples or prototypes, large, medium or small batch sizes, complicated custom-made products or complex assemblies, we can do it all, in steel, spring steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metal.

Pipe clamps can be defined as bolted circular or semi-circular pipe attachments that clamp around a pipe and connect the pipe with other assembly components for proper support. 

These piping clamps transfer loads of the piping system to the structure. A wide variety of piping clamps are available to use as pipe support attachments. 

Our company is fully committed to providing a high level of service and support backed up with increasing stock levels to meet your requirements. 

Some pictures can be found below,

Our pipe brackets have been used for many applications including clean room installations, bio fuel plant and marine off shore. We can produce the right pipe bracket for you. If you are looking for a special sized bracket for your installation please contact us via our e-mail address, contact form or give us a call , we can work from your design to produce the clamp you need.

We are also able to produce any kind of pipe clamps on project or request basis. Thanks to our toolshop, we are able to design and produce different type of industrial clamps regarding our customers' own design and specifications.

Pipe clamps comes in stainless steel, hot dipped galvanized coated or painted.

Please contact us for more information and price request if you are interested in to use such products for your projects.