About us

About us

We are a Turkish manufacturer of metal parts, products, light & heavy industrial structures for different industries.

We also produce different stamped parts, CNC fabrication parts, welded parts, painted parts, scaffolding & formwork equipment, automotive parts, pipe fittings and many more for a wide range of machineries, products.

Our large and extensive inventory with over 3.000 sqm of warehoused and facilities a comprehensively equipped in-house capability to range of CNC cutting, first process machining, drilling equipment, painting division, robotic welding units, manual welding stations, 3-axle CNC machineries and all other necessary machinery and equipment from stock to guarantee shipment in one day on hard to find metals for the aerospace, petrochemical and electrical industries. Our entire team are charged with upholding our commitment to a Quality Management System.

Our company have been innovational in the design and manufacturing of many different types of equipment as well as metal parts, molds and special designed parts on demand.

We are experienced in most areas of industry, including Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Petro-Chemical,Heavy Industrial Structures, Light Building Units, Aerospace and Military and are able to offer custom design or modification of our regular product range to meet specific requirements.

Each and every manufactured product passes through the hand of experienced staff before dispatch. With advanced research and development section, we offer new designs and products to meet the expectations of esteemed customers. Additionally, offer to customize the product for diversified industrial applications all over the world. 

In addition to our standard range of cutting and bevelling equipment, we offer a custom design and build service as a solution to specific requirements. All our equipment is available on rental contract and sale.

We believe we have the ability to serve our business partners with the most stable quality and professional service at a competitive price.

Our core strength is a motivated and committed team. We are dedicated to providing quality products and services to our many customers mainly in the Oil and Gas Industry as well as our many other valued clients in automotive, electrical materials, construction, machine parts manufacturer world wide. 

Some of our products are;

*CNC fabrication parts,

*Turning mills,

*Industrial clamps,

*Pipe support elements,



*Automotive parts,

*Trailer parts,

*Truck parts,

*Solar system steel structures,

*Earthing parts for cable installations,

*Cable trays and accessories,

*Industrial steel beams,

*Beam clamps,


*Furniture parts and products,

*Stands, displays and show-room materials,

*Steel bases, canopies and chassises,

*Fasteners, spring, washer 

*Special parts and products on request.

Some pictures can be found below,

We are really grateful to the old clients for their deep trust and long-term cooperation, and look forward to serve more new customers and always welcome new customers to grow our family, also shares relative information to customers to choose the right product.

If you are interested in above products or have any products to be produced and looking for a manufacturer, please feel free to contact us for more details.

We will be glad to talk with you to seek opportunities that will make both sides happy!